A Night To Remember

This story was told to me by my younger brother. His tale happened a few years back when he was still in secondary school. At that time, he’s favorite hobby was midnight fishing by the beach.

This story happened on one of his night outings. He always went with a few friends but on this particular night, he had only one friend with him. Usually they will leave for the beach all geared up at about 11.30pm. When they arrived at one of their usual spots, it was already past midnight. It was a full moon night, therefore, they only brought with them a pair of torchlights. The illumination from the moon will provide enough light.

They have to climb down some steep stairs after parking their car since the beach area is about 20 metres down from the main road. My brother usually has a favorite spot to sit at when he went fishing at this place. His friend would be about a 100 metres from where he would be. They would start fishing and all conversations would cease. If they were to talk, it would be during one of there half hour breaks.

Well, on this fateful Saturday night, my brother was feeling kind of uneasy with his favorite spot. He felt like there was a presence behind him. Not only was there a queasy feeling off being stared at but sometimes he would feel as if the ‘thing’ was gently nudging him to move from his spot. He tried to past it off at first but it became more constant. He even said a short prayer to appease the ‘thing’, if it was a ‘thing’ in the first place. But the feeling was still there, so, my brother decided to pack his stuff and moved another 100 metres down from his friend. He’s friend was kind of taken aback by his move and asked him if anything was wrong. My brother just shouted to him telling him that the fish was not biting. My brother did not want to scare his friend about the feelings he has been getting.

Anyways, on nights like this especially with the full moon and all, groups of malay bikers of up to 20 people love to ride their bikes without their headlights on. They usually travelled like this on round island trips on full moon nights.

A few minutes after my brother moved from his spot, such a group of bikers were passing by. Suddenly there was a loud crashing sound and my brother noticed something being hurled downward towards them. The thing landed with a loud dull thud. Seconds later my brother and his friend could hear people shouting in malay from the main road. They also noticed that some of them were descending down towards them. They were shouting in malay, ‘ada nampak kawan tak?’ (have you seen our friend?). Seeing that my brother and his friend had torchlights, they asked them to help search for their wounded friend. After a few minutes of searching, my brother’s friend heard heavy breathing and weezing sounds coming from some nearby rocks. He shone his torch towards the direction of the sound and what a shocked he had. There laying amongst the rocks was the bloodied body of the biker. His face was all smashed in and he laid in an unnatural position. My brother’s friend started shouting and everyone dashed towards him. The other biker’s quickly picked their friend up and headed towards the main road.

At this point, my brother started to go pale and quickly told his friend to pack up to leave. Seeing my brother’s face, he agreed without hesitation. The whole journey back, my brother and his friend sat in total silence in the car. Upon reaching home my brother revealed to us all why he wanted to leave so abruptly. It seemed that the spot where the biker landed was where his favorite spot was. If he had not moved, he would have suffered the same fate as the biker. It was in the news the next day, that someone died the previous night due to an accident along that particular beach road. You could imagine the amount of goosebumps we had after hearing that.

My brother has not done any midnight fishing after this particular incident but he knows now that there was a guardian angel looking out for him on that fateful night.

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