Jalan Tanah Rata

This happened when I was just a little girl. If I remembered correctly, I was still in pre-school. At that time, my family was staying at Jalan Tanah Rata. Now the whole stretch of Jln Tanah Rata has become a landed property area. There used to be a Chinese cemetary on top of a hill opposite my house.

There came a time when the government wanted to flatten out the land (ie the cemetary) to make way for new development. The cranes and bulldozers came and started the work of digging up the graves.

While all these are happening, a lot of weird and strange things happened. But I remembered one night when I woke up due to call of nature. From my bedroom to the bathroom was quite far. But at that time, I wasn’t feeling scared as I really need relieve myself.

When I reached the kitchen, I saw that one of the bathroom doors was closed. I assume that someone might be inside. So I made use of the other toilet next door. After I had done relieving myself, I heard that somebody is bathing in that closed door bathroom.

I thought maybe my father is inside as he is used to taking baths in the night. Moreover, the night is pretty warm. So I thought that he would like to cool himself. Just when I was about to go back to my room, I heard my father?s voice coming out from the closed door bathroom saying, ?Liza, please get me bathing soap. The one here is finished?

So I went to the cabinet to search for the soap. When I found the soap, I knocked on the door and told my father to open the door.

But there is no response. I waited. But then I was beginning to feel scared. I pushed open the door and it opens showing an empty bathroom. The floor of the bathroom is also very dry. This shows that nobody could possibly bath and leave the floor dry, isn?t it?

But when I looked at the water container (tempayan), the water is rippling, like somebody or something had just touched the water. I was scared shitless, as I know I am not dreaming. I did hear loud and clear my father?s voice saying that he wants me to take soap for him.

I ran back to my bedroom and covered my face with my pillow. I tried to sleep and forget about the incident. As I was tossing and turning in bed, I suddenly felt as if someone was watching me.

I was lying on my side hugging my bolster facing the right side, which is facing my parent?s bed. (That time, I am still sleeping with my parents). Just when I turned, I saw this thing beside my bed. Actually it was on the floor looking at me.

The thing was a female, wearing a telekong in a prayer position. What is the most scary is that the thing was looking at me through no eyes. The place where the eye sockets were supposed to be were just two red holes and these red holes were looking at me. I immediately screamed and screamed and screamed. My parents were awakened by this and immediately came to me and asked me what?s the matter?

I told them my 2 encounters that night and they carried me to sleep in between them that night. I was shaken up by what I saw. Even till now, more than 10 years had passed but I can still remember the face and the red holes of the thing.

I wonder of any of the residents currently residing there has got any disturbances. Especially the house built on the Chinese cemetery.

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