The Demonic Clouds

This happened to my uncle when he was in England. Originally, my whole family had stayed in England for a while, but now, in December, we had gone back to Singapore. My uncle was all alone in England except for his brother, whom had gone…dunno where.

Since it was winter, the street was damn empty. Not a SINGLE car nor person. My uncle was walking to his big house which was around 400m from the train station. Suddenly, he saw this group of clouds. IT WAS DAMN BEAUTIFUL. He said aloud,” Wow, it’s so beautiful!” and regretted that. Soon enough, he would know.

As he walked, he felt strange. And he looked up at the clouds. There it was! As he moved, it moved. If he stopped, it stopped too. Out of the blue, an army boy appeared. They passed each other and stopped in front of the other. My uncle asked the boy if the cloud was really following him. The boy had THAT kind of look of worry and nodded and later disappeared.

Now my uncle was beginning to get really scared. When he reached his house, he ran over to his neighbour’s house. He BANGED on the door, and he could see his neighbour. Surprisingly, his neighbour didn’t answer at all. He stood out there in the freezing cold. And then it happened.

He stared towards the clouds and saw…beautiful faces. He KNEW by now that something was wrong. He started reading Quranic verses and once in a while kept looking at the clouds. What a mistake! It had DEMONIC FACES IN IT! The more he read, the WORSE the cloud got!

He realised that his faith wasn’t strong enough. And he read the verses again, saying that he wished the cloud would go away and that his brother would come back, w/out looking at the clouds. Soon, it disappeared…and when he went into his house, his brother was there.

Ater analysing it, he realised he should have said “Subahanallah” instead of “OMG, it’s so beautiful”. He had been in the cold for 4 hours and the cloud was actually just above the rooftop! He thinks its a test from Allah. Whatever it is, praise is due to Allah, not to clouds or whatever. And…


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