The Drink

What had happened, was the 1st time that I ever experience in my life. Believe me, before I encountered this true experienced, I was a brave person cause I was not a superstitious person. Now after what happened, it totally change me into a mouse. This was what happened on the night.

It was Friday night, in my granny house I decided to stay up late as there was no school the next day. Everyone was asleep except for my aunt who was making hot drinks for the 2 of us. She then passed me my drink and went into her room. I was so into the cable programme that I put my least concentration on the hot drink. I gulped and burnt my tongue and throat that I gave a loud groaned. My aunt who was still awoke hurriedly came into the living room and asked me what happened. I told her what happened and told me to eat ice cube or rinse my mouth. I did it and went back to the couch with that still painful mouth. So, I let the drink to cool down 1st before drinking it again and regain my pain.

But as I was watching the tv, suddenly I felt hot liquid splashing on my right hand. It felt like a sharp pin poking my flesh, true I felt that pain. I ignored that event but it still continued. Then my whole body started to frost when it never stop. I managed to turned my head by instinct and what I saw was a shocked of my life ?

My drink was bubbling and seems to be boiling. I still couldn?t move my body nor shout. Yes ? tears of fright rolled down my cheeks. The reaction became more aggressive and at a moment it suddenly stopped. I was hoping and wishing that I could just get away from the view but I was so unfortunate to witness it.

After it stopped, I began to relief a bit which allowed me to walk away and hurriedly switched off the main switch of the tv set. I ran to my aunt?s bedroom where I was supposed to sleep. I felt safe but couldn?t sleep for the whole night, I even felt I was going to throw out but scared to go out.

The next morning, to everyone surprised, there on the table were pieces of my broken mugs scattered all over. Yup, I was scolded cause they thought I leave it alone and went to bed after I broken it. I tried to tell them the truth but never give me a chance to talk and asked me to clean the mess I ?made?. Anyway I didn?t want them to think I was insane to make such stories. So they never know the truth till now. But I knew that it happened and I believe it did.

Now, I don?t even dare to drink anything hot at night like I used to especially after midnight. I am sure gonna miss thing like that. It is sad but true. Damn that night, it seems to show me the way to be superstitious. Yes, I am now? Thank you very much you “THING”? For letting me be a real coward!!!

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