AMK West Garden

Hi again….its time i tell you peeps more about AMK West Garden. I told you about the pontianak in my last story…but thats wasn’t the 1st I saw, heard or sensed her…given time we could actual be friends(if i ever had the gut to do so)…

Another one of my encounters with the supernatural happened when I was in the garden. I was with one of my ex girlfriends doing what couples do… We were there till 9pm….i had always thought that ghost come out at midnight but I was proven wrong….My girl was having her period at that time..(unfortunate for me)

At 9:30pm i was getting ready to move out of the garden….we were sitting in the most isolated shelter in the garden….This time there was no fragrant smell….there was just a tree….yup..a tree among all the other trees and bushes ..The tree was shaking as if it was going to rip out its storm..All the other trees still..but only that tree… My girl was already crying and on her knees…I forced her up and walked the other way…Then there was voice.. ” Bang…tinggalkan yang perempuan tu lah bang…” (brother leave the girl behind lah)..My girl fainted and i covered her and prayed and prayed (didn’t even know what i was praying) The next thing i know was this calm feeling and i looked around…nothing?

I woke my girl up and carried her out….We broke up that nite.. I think the pontianak scared the love out of her…

Till Next Time Peeps.

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