I heard this story on Tuesday morning at around 3 in the morning. I heard this while listening to a radio where people call to tell ghost story. I think the radio station was 94.2 a malay radio station.

This guy let call him Ismail was returning home from his cousin house as it was during the Hari Raya. I think it was last 2 years. His cousin house i tink was in Yishun and he was heading to Pasir Ris that where he live. While riding along Punggol, he was felling kinda strange all of a sudden. He just ride till there was a Malaysian plate motorcyle. When they were side by side, this Malaysian guy turn to him and then speed faster. Ismail doesn’t care and he just keep on riding till he was again riding side by side with a old man. He was riding a vespa motorcyle. The old man turn to look at Ismail and again the old man speed faster. Ismail thought that he wanted to race.

After a few mins, he look at his side mirror as he felt as if there were some 1 riding behind him. He know that he was the only 1. He look at the mirror and saw a white dress. He thought for a while, he was wearing a black shirt, how come it can turn white. He look at the mirror and saw a long hair and then that strike him that there were a “thing” riding behind him. Ismail says “I did not disturb u and u please do not disturb me”. With a tone of scareness.

When he reach a junction at Pasir Ris, he stop as it was a red light. The thing laugh and Ismail doesn’t care wheather it was a red or green light, he just speed till he reach home. Without even taking the key and parking not at the correct place, he rush to his house. Reaching his house, he tell his elder bro wat happen. His bro say he was lieing. They both go down together and Ismail was behind his elder brother. When they see the motorcycle, the pontianak was sitting and smiling at them. Ismail scold his elder bro for not believe him. His elder bro say some prayers and shout the prayers and the thing was gone. Ismail ran and took the key and rush back home leaving his bro alone.

When reaching home, Ismail elder bro scolded him for leaving him alone as what if the thing attack him. For those Mat Motorcyle Beware When Riding Alone. It’s more Safer Riding with A Group Late At Night.

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