Police Academy

Police academy is one of the most haunted place in singapore. I was there for only 3 months but enough for most of my platoon mates. Our barracks were at block 23. These were the scary events that happened. (I will put it in point form) My platoon was split into two groups. Lower floor & the upper floor.

Incident one: Most of our bed will be shaken uncontrollably each night. The first time it happened the guys wd stood up & say “Hey dont disturblah.” Only to find there is noone at the foot of the bed. He fell sick the next day.

Incident 2: Our yellow, Police Issued, raincoats were seen dancing at the door entrance.

Incident 3: The guy next to my bed had a poster on the wall on top of his cupboard. I think it was a picture of Michael Shanker from MSG. Behind that picture was a picture of Joan Jett. A female rock start. He took great pain in putting up that poster. He climbed on top of the cupboard & put the poster on the wall. His logic was that, so that no one can tamper with his poster. Any attempts to do so is almost impossible as the sound of cupboard can wake anyone. So we all slept soundly that nite. No disturbance at all. The next day, to our surprised we saw the poster have been changed. Instead of Michael Shanker, it was Joan Jett. Everyone was very puzzled.

Incident 4: The most scariest of all. 3 nights before we POP. One of my squad mate joked around by laughing like a “pontianak.” We all laughed at him cos we found him very comical. He sleeps in the upper floor. The following night, the guys from the lower floor happened to be up & was chatting away when he heard that laughter & it was very loud. Thinking that it was the joker was still up & making jokes. They decided to go up & maybe chat wif him. When they reached up they opened & said, “Hey Man ur still awake huh. Why r u laughing like pontianak again.” But to their surprised the lights was off & everyone was sleeping. Then they heard the laughter again. Not a second waste, they dashed to back to their beds. All 4 of them squeeze in one bed.

There are other stories about Police Academy. I hope to hear some more. Look forward to other contributions.

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