Kampung Nordin, Pulau Ubin

I never expect my very first vist to pulau ubin to be an unforgetable one. I have heard stories bout how haunted is the place but never i expect it to be true.

It was approximately about 5pm when we reach nordin beach. No one was seen except a couple at one end of a corner. My fiancee and i pitch up our tent and decided to take a bath, but the bathroom itself was eerie and silence, only the sound of the tap dripping break the silence. We had no choice but to take turns bathing in the male toilet. (I HAVE HEARD STORIES BOUT THE PONTIANAK APPEARING BESIDE THE FEMALE TOILET).

It was only 7pm but it was already in total darkness, only the moonlight lit up the beach and our torches. When i was about to enter our tent, something attract my attention behind our tent, immediately i sense that something is not right, so we decided to pull our tent further a bit from our current place, the time when i was about to pull the tent, i saw a white figure appearing behind our tent and vanish. I had no choice but to brave my self up.

At around 11pm, we are already asleep but my fiancee’s sleep was disturbed, he was awaken at 2am by a bunch of voices whispering to his ears but he could not figure out what are they talking. At about 4am, he heard the same voices but this time the voice was much louder and laughing. As for me, i had a very strange dream, i dreamt that i was in a tent sleeping and i could smell a very horrible scent and immediately after that i heard a voice droving the thing to go away. In the dream, i manage to peep a little and i saw a black figure walking.

When i wake up i realise that maybe the black figure was protecting me as i was wearing a holy pendant(pendinding). The very morning, me and my fiancee packed up our things and went off eventhough we planned to stay two nights there.

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