Hair Raiser

Before start, I would like the readers to take note that the experience I’m facing will haunt me for the rest of my entire life.

It’s all started way back last 2 years, midst of 2000 when I was with my girlfriend in a car making love half naked at Kent Ridge Park near Pasir Panjang Rd. The place was recognised by most loving couples to hang out & make love with cause the place was quiet & remote.

Basically most couples don’t bother much about their surroundings, majority of them are doing the same motives scrolling around the Park.

As I was groaning with desire making love with my girlfriend, suddenly I noticed that her face was pale looking directly outside the windscreen. I asked her why but she kept still. When I turned around my head out of curiousity to see what happened, I was nearly fainted. Right standing just outside my car window was a “PONTIANAK” with an ugly face & long sharp teeth.

In a state of shock & confusion, hurriedly I drove off the car. Fortunately, the car’s engine was running cause I let the air-condition system to turn on.

So, u guys out there. Pls be aware if u wanna have sex, don’t do it in public.

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