A Black Cat

It happened last year, on a Friday night, after a night class at school revising for our ‘O’ Level exams. My fren and I decided to go to Pasir Ris Park(PRP) for a walk.

We reached the first bridge of PRP(located behind Escape Theme Park’s Alfa-8 rollercoaster), it was around 10+ at night. It was totally dark…the lights were not on. Standing infront of the bridge, I noticed there was something in the middle of the bridge. My friend was very frightened. We thought that it might be something strange things will happen because we knew that the bridge was haunted. We heard from a friend that PONTIANAK stays there and will guard the bridge every Friday night. We prayed in our hearts and continued crossing the bridge. As we walked nearer the “thing”, I realised that it was JUST a black cat. We passed by the black cat.

Suddenly I’ve the guts to turn around and took a glance at the black cat. It’s eyes were shining…like diamonds. I felt eery. I turned around and have a chat with my friend. Suddenly before we had the first step into PRP after crossing the bridge, we heard someone calling out my name! It sounds like a woman’s voice. We thought the voice belongs to one of our classmates, who at first did want to join us. We turned around and we saw the black cat running towards us! It was chasing us…maybe we were not allowed to go into PRP or maybe we were not allowed to cross “it’s boarder”! I grabbed my friend’s hand and turned around running towards the bridge entrance. Before we could arrive first, the black cat was already there! We were dumbfounded! The black cat was growling(like a tiger).

We walked slowly as we say out some prayers. The black cat was getting nearer and nearer. We walked slowly towards the entrance of the bridge. We stepped out from the bridge.

Suddenly, to our surprised, it was already 12 midnight sharp!!! We ran as fast as we could and promised not to go to PRP again if we are in a very small group.

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