Don’t Watch It Alone

Hi everyone…here’s my own experience with a pontianak that i like to share…

I was sleeping over at my fren’s house one fine day, when i got a little bored…my fren had to go out for a reason i dont know…so, i was home alone (at her home)… I read, slept, eat, n did some cleaning up… By evening, my fren still hasn’t return. She did call to say, she’ll be late…due to a traffic delay…

So, i search thru her old video tapes, to watch. I picked one entitled ‘miss universe’ thinking its a miss universe program…i got ready to watch…when the door bell rang… My fren’s mum juz got home from work. When she noticed that tape, she told me not to watch it…when i asked she only said its PG. Being stubborn, i watched it the moment i hear her in the shower.

To my utter surprise its a malay movie…after watching for abt 10 minutes, i realised that its a scary movie…then the pontianak appeared, i grabbed a cushion to hug when i felt a chill. I felt as if i wasnt alone, but i didnt dare look around so i juz watched even though frighten…

“Ina.” I heard someone called n turned to my right, thinking it was my fren’s mum. N that’s when, i got the shock of my life. The exact same pontianak in that movie was beside me…it vanished the moment i started screaming though….. I rushed to my fren’s room with the lights on, i listened to my discman, at the loudest volume, with my eyes shut…

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