Don’t Believe

It happened this year during first day of hari raya. You know hari raya is when people go round visiting people house. It was late at night around 11.00p.m in Johore. After visiting my grandparents, straight away we went to my auntie’s house across the road so instead of walking we took a car there.

We were reaching soon but i have a bad feeling when we were riding the car. Soon the feeling left me alone. I turn right and left again and again. I heard nothing coz all the windows we tightly shut. After looking left and right, suddenly i spotted something strange. A big tree was planted beside the road .

Suddenly a white thing flew right infront of the window pane. It shocked me a while. My dad was a skillful driver. Yes he was shocked but he did not panic. Dosen’t want to scared me, he lied to me saying that it was an owl. I said it was not an owl. He than said that it was a cat, by then i already know what it was.

It was a PONTIANAK. But my dad still dosen’t want to tell me the truth. He still keep on trying to fool me like a baby who just drop down from the sky..At last i said to him that if it was a cat or an owl, it wouldn’t have hook it’s fingers and toes to the tree which i have spotted strange earlier.

Until today he still hadn’t told me anything. Trying to forget about the past, he just remain silet about the matter but that incident kept on hunting me.. Before seeing all this, i thought GHOST was just an imaginary or an illusion but now i realised that Ghost does exist!! So beware don’t looked back or else……..

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