Do you carry amulets? Amulets are meant to protect you from unseen forces. It is meant to save you from those make or break situation. Most superstitious people will carry with them for important occasion such as clinching a big deal or flying, occasions that can make or break you. Normally it is placed inside wallet and well according to some amulets carrier, it can gives you a sense of “protection” in your mind when you faced difficulty so it does has some psychological effect in helping you to overcome any difficulty you might face.

In Singapore, most amulets come from temples. Most of my friend would travel to Bugis or Chinatown or Geylang to make offerings and then seek special appointments with the head monks to draw up some personal amulets normally at the price of a red packet which the value inside is up to individual. Most amulets are wore over the neck with a chain and according to believers, it is meant to even protect you from physical harm, and when it is effective in doing so, it would break into 2 pieces.

Some believed that it even helps in maintaining peace and harmony in relationship amongst peers and friends. When i was conscripted into the NS, i remembered carry one with me because my mum insisted though i was basically a free thinker. It is best to renew the amulet every year as something like renewing its power or something along the line.

Whether its effectiveness is in spiritual or psychological, i won’t know but what i know is if one day i come face to face with a ghost, i can flip my wallet and see whether the amulet break or make me in that occasion.

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