Bangkok’s School

This story took place about eight years ago in a small language school on Paholyothin Road in North Bangkok. It happened to a friend of mine and was told to me when I was teaching there.

The school was housed in an old three-storey building, on the top floor there were two classrooms and a stairway leading to the rooftop.

One of the top floor classrooms had a reputation as being a pretty strange place. Many strange phenomena had been reported. Among others, the video recorder in the room would often stop, rewind, play, stop and so on on its own without any apparent reason. Lights in the room would often get darker or brighter for a few moments. Many blamed it on the electric circuit problems.

However, there are more to it. The temperature inside the room is often colder than any other rooms. Furthermore, at times, the temperature would suddenly drop and it would last for only a few minutes. From outside, or in the room next to it, you would often hear chairs moving around even though there was no one inside.

One evening, a new American teacher of the school was teaching in the classroom next to the infamous one. When she heard the sound of shuffling chairs, being brave or perhaps mad, she decided to investigate. She went over to the next room and opened the door. It was all dark inside as there was nobody inside. However, she claimed that in one corner of the room she saw a small boy dressed in Thai style school uniform – white shirt and blue shorts. The boy was sitting at one of the desks and staring straight towards the blackboard in front. What freaks her out is that there was some kind of blue rays enveloping the boy. Apart from being obviously terrified she said she could sense a great air of sadness and loneliness from the child.

She ran back to her own classroom and being a true professional she kept on teaching. She explained away her obvious panic by telling her students that she’d seen a rat next door.

Next morning, she told the Thai boss of the school and the very impressionable administration staff about what she’d seen. Terrified as they were, they kind of just nodded and accepted what she’d seen. The local staff weren’t much surprised as they knew the story behind the boy.

Some twenty or thirty years ago the building had been some kind of pre-school nursery or tutorial centre, I’m not sure, but some kind of school, there’d been a fire and one small boy had been killed.

A few days later the Thai boss called some monks in to bless the building. The monks found the spirit house had been ignored for years and had fallen in to the stairwell on the third floor. (It is a custom in Thai houses to place a small replica house or shrine outside to accommodate the spirits of past owners, relatives, loved ones who remain to watch over the living). The monks cleaned up the spirit house, placed it back on the rooftop and blessed the house.

Since that time no other incidents were reported. Even so it was always a race to get out of the top floor at night. Moreover, if any of the local staff had to go up to the top floor, they always requested an escort.

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