That Bangkok Hotel

I had this experience during 2008. I was in Bangkok for a short weekend getaway with my wife. We got good deals from the NATAS FAIR. And so we were off to BKK within 1 week. Both of us we so hyped up cos we wanted to shop our A** off there.Out of curiosity, we check via internet the hotel that we were going to stay in. This hotel is quite popular among has two hotels of the same name side by side. Most of them big brother and little brother kind of thing. If u get wat i mean..

The hotel lobby was quite cool and zen with a mixture of mostly bright orange and white. After waiting for about 2hours which lasted like 4..(time runs so damn slow in BKK huh), we checked in. The room was not what we had expected though. It was small dark,on the 3rd floor,behind it was an abandoned 4 storey building,lots of big trees with a railway line at the side.

Weather was unpredictable during my stay there. It was either super hot or rainy. And when it rains..we have to stay in. And let me tell don’t want to do that. Because the TV was all in Thai. Our first was not good i couldn’t sleep and woke up almost every hour even with the bedlights on. I do not know what it was but i simply felt very uncomfortable in that room. I kept looking at the mirror and the window next to it. When i was about to sleep i was awakened by either a knocking or scratching sound from the window. I just ignored the sound and just closed my eyes.

Our second day was a Saturday,we spent 8hours in Chattuchak Market. Had our dinner and headed back to our hotel. By then it was about almost 8pm. My wife had her shower first..then me. I decided to soak myself in the bath tub as i felt very dusty.And so i soaked myself..while doing so,i saw a layer of black particles on the water. I sat up and look was clean.So i lied down again..again i saw the same thing. I then decide to get out of the tub and have my shower. I felt really uneasy during my bath so i decided to make a fast one.

It started to rain at almost 9pm in BKK. We were chatting and having coffee when i felt someone blew on my right ear. I tell you it startled the sh** out of me. My wife ask me why..i just said nothing and do not wish to scare her knowing how a scare-dy cat she is. And again my view was at that window and mirror again. It was as if something is there watching us, i don’t know why but i just think there is something there. Our second night, my wife slept soundly but not me. Again i heard the same sound from the window.

There was no flying apparition or black figure in my story. But i think there is something scary lurking in the corner of that hotel room. I couldn’t sleep for two nights and i felt as if something was looking at us from the corner. I have been to hotels in KL,BKK and Bali. I had a wonderful room with a creepy view when i was in Bali,but i had no problems at all. But this hotel in BKK really terrifies me..there is just something creepy about it.

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