Hotel Stories

When I am working for a company that required me to travel a lot. I have been travel to number of places and have been staying from the best to the worst hotel. Talking about best hotel. Once I was send to Thailand for some jobs. I need to stay in Thailand for the next two months. Actually I don’t mind even stay there for many months. Once I arrive in Thailand, my company have arrange for me to check into one of the high class 5 star hotel in Thailand. I will be staying in the 62 floor of the hotel. Its a very nice hotel. Because of my job, I need to bring lot of equipment. So everything was done in about ten from checking in to bell boy bring me to the room and my luggage. Once I arrive in the room, I feel very uncomfortable even with the great river and city view greeting me. I feel that the room shouldn’t welcome me. So after pay the bell boy tips, I ask him to sit down. I would like to ask him more question and I would pay him more if he tell me the truth.

After sitting down, I ask him whether is this room fine to stay in. And also I have explain to him that I will be staying for months so I would like him to tell the truth. He think for a long time and say that everything will be in the room. But I don’t like the answer. So this time, I say that I will pay him one hundred US Dollar for the truth. Finally, he say that if possible don’t stay in this room because two months ago there is a girl that killed herself in the room. And this room was close for two months and just re-open it. I think why I have this luck that get this room.

And he also say that during these months when the room is close. Lot of things happen, like the maids that came into the room to do cleaning will find that everything been mess up. But remember that no one use this room will it happen. And once the maid will cleaning the room, she heard someone crying and it is a girl crying. So she goes and investigate. And found out that the crying is from inside the toilet. Once she open the door she a girl with blood all over her and was crying. Next the girl pointing at the maid saying that the maid kill her and the maid saw the girl face. The girl face without any eye balls only hollow socket and nose cut off. The maid shouted and the next moment she run out of the room screaming.

Her supervisor ask what happen the maid told her everything. The supervisor ask the maid to go with her to investigate but the maid wouldn’t not do it. So the supervisor ask the manager for advice and both of them went to investigate but saw nothing. They scolded the maid for un-necessary inconvenience. The next day the maid resign from the hotel. She say that she rather resign than working in the room again. And strange things had been happen in the room.

After hearing this, I went straight to the reception and ask to change my room. And they agree to do it. But strange thing is that they didn’t even ask me why I wanted to change my room.

Lucky I change my room because I heard from he same bell boy again that some one actually stay in the room and having lot of strange things happen to the person. I know this is because I have become a good friend of this bell boy. I will ask him to bring me around and treat him. And end of the day I will pay him for his services of bring me around the city.

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