Barracks At Old Dempsey Hill

When I was in university, weekends I like to cycle into the old CMPB @ Dempsey Road. At that time, it was already slated for renovations to be turned into what we will know as Dempsey now, with the cafes, restaurants and art galleries.

So at that time, it was still the old camp with all the old structures that has not been renovated. Weekends, there will be some expats playing rugby on the field there, but otherwise, it’s just empty.

Where PS Cafe is now, there used to be a canteen, with a row of stalls and then the tables spilling down a slope.

So I was cycling around there on a Sunday afternoon, when I decided to take a rest at the canteen. By then the canteen was already abandoned and the stalls no more. I was the only one. While I was pushing my bike down the slope, I could hear 2 distinct voices – 2 people talking – in one of the stalls of the canteen. I could hear them VERY clearly. But I could not understand what they were talking. It wasn’t English, it wasn’t Mandarin or any dialects, it sounded like Bahasa but it wasn’t either. It was just unintelligible.

Out of curiosity, I decided to check it out and so I pushed my bike past the stalls towards that stall where the voices were still conversing. Then as I reached the stall, I peeked in. And it was empty. And the voices stopped. And my eyes widened in surprise. And goosebumps appeared on my back to my neck. And I knew something was wrong because I could feel that I was being stared at and my heart beat quickened.

And so I quickly dragged my bike out of there. And just as I turned to leave the canteen, the two voices started the conversation again.

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