Sleeping In Brunei Jungle

This happened in Brunei when i was a trainee. We were encamped on a relatively cleared-out ridge line in the jungles of Brunei, I was out filling my bottles at the nearby stream so by the time I came back, all the prime lots were taken up by my team mates’ hammock. Left with no choice, I had to settle for one which with a steep drop off of about 2m to my left.

I still remember that night to be a wet rainy night so I had a ground sheet perched above my hammock. Somewhere in the late evening when I was about to fall asleep, I heard twigs snapping to my left, as if a large animal was moving through the bushes.Ii lifted the ground sheet and took a cursory look the direction of the sound and spotted nothing.

The sound came again a couple of minutes later, really felt uneasy this time round, part of me wanted to shut off and just sleep but the other part wanted to make sure its not some villagers attempting to steal my rifle. Against better judgment, I took my L torch and shined at the direction. WA BIANGS!! I don’t know what was there but the thing managed to flatten most of the small trees and bushes right below the drop off!!

I wanted to change place but BO PIAN, no more trees around to tie the hammock to, so I took a few twigs nearby and made a small fire near my hammock, hoping I can deter whatever was watching me….

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