Bouncing Ball

Just a short story to share… i remembered when i was in my teenager years. Me,mom and my two younger brothers used to rent an apartment which we stayed for 3 years. It was quiet and peaceful place to lived which suits us.Mom are housewife so she stays home most time and she used to tell me that whenever she is cooking…she felt someone looked at her and sensed strongly someone is in the house. So she will leave the door (of coz wth the grill gate locked) and windows wide open to let bright light in and tune the radio on but when the radio was playing, mom would hear someone whispering After some time, we sort of use to it already.And ‘ít’did not harm us in any way. So mom will say to ‘it’ that we are renting this place and we are staying so we have to share this place.

i always helped mom washing the dirty dishes after dinner and our kitchen window are actually facing the corridor leading to the lift. I always hear ball bouncing along the corridor when i did washing. each time the pattern always the same untill i really pay attention to it. each night between 9.00 – 9.30pm i will hear it and i complained to mom saying these kids parents are so irresponsible to allow their kids to play outside at this hour! Suddenly I realized that I never hear the kids voices. Till mom heard it too and she will peered out the window to see who’s the kid might be, see no one but bouncing of ball are there to be heard. After we moved out,mom still kept in touched with old neighbours and will occasionally went back for visits. So mom had her’committee meeting'(gossip time lah!) and she confide in them about such incidents. So that’s how the story got rolling. Few years before we moved in, there’s a small family of three(parent with one boy) lived at one of the units near us. It was known that the boy aged 5 is not well most of the times untill he passed away in his apartment.

Shortly the parent moved out because of heartbrokeness. After that, neighbours begin to hear noises come from that apartment but some how nobody do anything to appeased it and occasioanlly kid’s crying could be heard faintly….so sad (any parents who hear kid crying longingly surely broke your heart). Neighbours couldn’t take it anymore and hired monks to pray for the kid and help him to move on. Monks told the neighbours that this poor kid’s soul can’t move on because his passing was not properly done in his favour. After that prayer session there is no more disturbance and neighbours claimed that the atmosphere there are not so oppressive and sad anymore… my heart goes out to this kid and hope he will be well in his next life.

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