Elevator Ordeal

I have a friend who stays in one of the apartment opposite the Muslim Cemetery in Taman Tun. (Those who knows, please do not disclose the name of the apartment)

My ex-bf and I used to go to a friend’s apartment to have endless rounds of Mahjong. This friend of ours stays on the 7th Floor and in order to access the lift, one has to walk across a secluded carpark to reach it.

I remember after several rounds of Mahjong, we had an emergency and had to leave early. My ex-bf and I decided not to waste anymore time, I told him to go collect the car and wait for me by the side of the apartment and I will be down shortly, so off he went.

Bidding our friend goodbye, I walked towards the lift alone. When the lift arrived I quickly went in. I realised I was alone but never gave much thought to it.

Not until it reached the 4th floor.

I was told before that when the lift stops at a particular floor but you didn’t see anyone coming in, it is most likely a spirit. Or logically, someone pressed the button but forgot something and went back to get it or decided to take the staircase.

Back to the 4th Floor. The doors opened and an unusual gush of wind filled the lift. The doors would not close even when I pressed the button. Only after several attempts did it finally budge and even then, the lift became extremely warm. First of all, it was in the evening, perhaps during twilight and I was perspiring in an air-conditioned lift!

I have had the extra senses when I was at the age of 4 and these encounters, still scare me from time to time, but I become stronger as I grew up and find ways to battle and ward off the frighten feelings residing in me.

In this case, instead of facing the lift doors desperately trying to get out, I lean against the side and face the inwards of the lift. Hoping and praying that I will not see anything, in my own way, I let them know that I KNOW that they are there with me.

The journey to the lobby seemed like hours! When I finally managed to step foot out of the lift, I had to cross the quiet carpark and then meet my ex-bf at his car. It was a relief when I got into the vehicle.

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