New House

My colleague told me this story about her brother’s new house.

Her brother, Desmond had just moved to a nice spacious double-story house at a residential area.

One night his 8-year old daughter came down to the kitchen for a drink. Suddenly the whole house was awaken by her scream. His wife rushed down to the kitchen , just to see her daughter sitting on the floor shivering, frightened and in tears.

When her mother asked her what had happened, the little girl replied that she saw a dark long-haired figure standing in the kitchen. Her mother reassured her that it was all her imagination and nothing more.

The next morning, the mother went upstairs to the bed-ridden mom-in-law’s room. The 65-year old grandma,who recently lost her mobility due to a heart attack, seemed to look past her daughter-in-law when she came to her room bringing breakfast.

“Who are you? Why are u wearing black and have long hair? get out of my room!!” the grandma screamed in obvious fear.

Her daughter-in-law was very puzzled and afraid.

That following wee hours of the morning, at about 1 am, the husband went downstairs to the kitchen after hearing some strange noises. He found the lights were turned on and the back door was open. He was sure he had locked the doors and switched off the lights.

He decided to call a pastor to pray over his house later in the day.

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