Bukit Batok Nature Park

This is the place where the rape case happened. Its going to be quite long. This incident happened to me when i was in sec 4. I remembered clearly that this was during my prelims “fever” before “O” level. There were about 5 of us including myself who wanted to find a good spot to revise our work. As i was staying nearby, i suggested this place as it was quiet during the late afternoon.(i’m getting goosebumps just to re-tell this story).

So, we chose to sit near the lake. It was very quiet and we were the only ones around. It was about 5pm when i felt that i need to rest my eyes after reading those thick history notes! All of my friends were still doing their reading so i just stared at the lake. That was when i saw IT.

I first thought that it was a flying fish but it was black in colour. My friends heard the plop sound made by this thing and asked me what it was. One of my friend who was a science student, said that it was very rare to see one much less in such a small lake! As we were debating on this, the thing came up again and this time my friend H saw it. She too confirmed that it looked like a fish but the colour did not seemed right. The others only saw the ring on the water.

So all of us decided to stare at the lake and wait for this thing for about 15 mins but nothing happened. 5mins later, when everyone else were not looking, the thing came up again and only H and i saw it. Both of us freaked out and we literally flew away from that place. Our other friends had no choice but to grab their books and chase after us. They demanded an explanation for our behaviour. We told them what we saw and i felt really scared you know!

Nothing happened after that but the next day when i came to school, my teachers and friends commented that i looked pale and send me home. Nobody believed me when i said that i was fine. It was only later that i was told that not only looked pale but getting to be very quite. I was the opposite if you must know and that was why they thought that i was sick.

It was until my granddad came over that he said that something was wrong with me. My face was pale and i’m getting to be quiet and kept to myself. All this while however, i felt no change. He questioned me about my whereabouts for the past few days. Mind you, the incident happened 1 week earlier so i did not tell him. It was my mum who remembered the story as i did tell her. She got a tongue lashing from him as i was not brought to the right doctor.

So, my mun brought me to see my uncle who was a religious man. The first thing he commented when i entered his house was the smell that came with me. It was the smell of the faeces. Later, i did some reading on this and people in europe and u.s believed that this smell is connected to the evil being.

I was given some holy water to drink when i reached home. Then something happened which even i can’t explain until now. I fell asleep in our living room after drinking the water. My mum was in the kitchen sewing. The time was past midnight. I found myself awake and saw a lady in white staring at me but the face was unclear. All i knoe was that i was reallllllllllly scared. Of course i ran to my mum but everything seemed to be in a slow motion. What surprised me was the fact that i saw myself sleeping and when i tried to call my mum, she did not seemd to hear me. The thing kept saying that i can’t runaway from her but this was not spoken out loud. I was crying for my mum to help and that was when i woke up. Everything was the same and my mun was in the same position as in my dreams! I really freaked out.

That was the only time that i saw her. Being the curious type, i went back to see my uncle to get some explanation on this. I was told that this thing was trying to possesed my body. If i did not get to him for help sooner, he can’t tell what might happened. He said that the lady was in fact a pontianak. As for H, she told me only after i kept bugging her. She too dreamed of a lady in white chasing after her. She was also brought to her own uncle for help as she can’t sleep well.

Maybe later when i am free, i might contribute on some of my findings on the supernaturals as i like to do research. So beware and do not go to this place alone.

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