Man Scare The Ghost

Every midnight on weekends, my friends and i would usually go to Fort Canning to try capture ghost on the camera and sometimes do scary film directed by ourself. It was somewhere in the middle of the June holiday’s that we were finally successful but were not exactly what we expected it to be. What we experience were far too weird. It goes like this…..

I had 4 friends with me at Fort Canning when knew a ghost had arrived. How? Often cold breath, smell of flowers and the instinc of its presence. We first went to the direction where the smell grew stronger and never once feared to …………. shout out, “Pontianak Pengecut(coward)”. That was always the way to force it to appear, our dreams were fulfiled. Up at the tree branch, a white cloth was hanging there when in the first place there wasn’t any. WE HAD GOOSEBUMPS. There was noises at the back of us and we turned back with Johan getting ready to click the camera. A rotten, half scull half flesh ghost appeared with the rest of its body covered with a white cloth. FLASH!! Its picture was taken. We took numerous number of pictures of it and to our surprise it actually ran in a tip-toe manner and disappear in the thick bushes. It was actually afraid of us!

Next day when we developed all the photo, we’ve only got the surroundings but not the ghost, what a scary time we had……eeeeek.

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