My Ghost Lover

I come from a family line of a so called ghost-hunters(bomoh). And that means we have the ability of such supernatural things and to see ‘things’. I think before I start my story, I should tell about some interesting stories about my father. He have communicated to many different kinds of ghosts ranging from pontianak, Chinese ghosts killed by the Japanese and etc. Some female spirits even fall for him. For example a bunian. She is a good spirit actually and she has all human like qualities but the only thing is that not many people can see her.

Now, I start about me. I didn’t dare to tell anyone about this because I know that no one would believe me. And I’m also rather shy to tell my father(although he used to be in the same situation). It was a few years back. I used to dream of this girl that I do no recognise. I have never seen her before. She was beautiful. Her skin was smooth and fair, very fair. She had long black hair and her lips was naturally red. Her eyes, it looks so beautiful and really entranced me that I fell in love with her in my dreams. I was really disappointed when I realised that that was only my dream.

Many days have passed, and I don’t remember about the dream anymore. I was on a vacation with my family in East Coast beach and were staying in a chalet for 3 days and 2 nights. On the first night, I was kind of feeling bored and down and decided to go down to the beach alone. The beach is usually where I would go to whenever I was feeling troubled or depressed. I was 13 years old then. I was staring to the starry dark sky when I felt someone sitting beside me. And I heard a sweet childish female voice saying hi to me. I turn towards her and realised that she was beautiful and looks familiar but I can’t remember where I’ve seen her. I stuttered when I replied as I was somehow shy. I thought to myself whether this was a dream or was it real and why would she talk to me. My heart was beating fast and I don’t know why. Maybe I have fell in love with her. Strangely, as if she had read my mind, she say that she was feeling lonely and when she saw me sitting alone, she decided to make some company. There was a sweet smile and her eyes was sparkling. We began to break the ice and were talking as if we knew each other for very long. I found out her name was Miki. About one and a half hour later, she gave me a small dolphin pendant and said that she have to go. She also said that she will visit me soon. I don’t really know what she meant then.

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