Cabin Crew Rumours

I’m a flight stewardess with a local airline. When we fly to winter places, we have winter coats aka the penguin suits. So happened that seniors advise not to hang the suit. It was said to become heavier ( as something hide in coat making it heavier) when they wore the coats returning to Singapore. My ex school mate also told me her story once, saying that she hang her jacket in the hotel wardrobe, when she returned home she just dump the jacket into her own wardrobe(walk in), she claims to hear sounds from the walk in after wards, so she asked her mum (Japanese- thus they did those Japanese chanting) .

Another story i heard from a crew is at a certain airline, they did some changes for their flight time from Taipei and change their hotel for crews too, because there was a lady crew who was raped and murdered in her hotel room, she was found in the wardrobe. It was said that ever since that incident, she will haunt all the crews who stayed at the hotel. Apparently the airline changed hotel for their crews and changed the timing of flights after that.

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