My Experiences

I was in Malaysia for a geography field trip. We stayed in KL, Legends Hotel(very old 5 star hotel). My buddy and i were given some damn secluded room super far away from everyone else. Weird enough, our floor was full of mirrors along the corridor and even in the room ( my friends staying on other floors had no mirrors along the corridor). The 1st night i was talking to my bud on our own beds and at the foot of her bed was a fridge and on top of it was a tray with cups. So we were happily chatting when suddenly we heard the tray with cups shaking!! My bud knew i kinda freak out at such stuff so she just say * aiyah cups never put properly*.

Then i just shut up n we went to sleep. Then next morning after finish bathing i was combing my hair in front of the full length mirror and at the side of my eyes, i suddenly saw a black figure walk past. My friend was bathing in the toilet and there was no way it could be her. So i just kept quiet. When we head back to SG, my bud told me that before i heard the cups n tray shaking, she had actually heard it shaking for super long but just kept quiet. i told her about the black shadow i saw and guess what she saw a white figure when she was bathing in the toilet. Totally freaked us out.

I used to stay with my ex bf during weekends. He stayed in a 5 room flat in Choa Chu Kang. 1 day i was going to bathe and came out of his room and walked past the guest room. I saw this black shadow sitting in the guest room and i thought it was his cousin or something ( i didn’t know exactly how many relatives and stuff he had). When i finish bathing, i asked if anyone came over or what. But he said no. So the whole house had only me , him , his uncle and mum ( i saw the mum in the living room watching TV and the uncle was painting the master bed room’s door.) SO WHO EXACTLY was that black shadow i saw sitting in the guest room?

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