Genting Trip

This is a true story which happened about 3 month ago, my group of friends about 8 person including me decided to go on a trip to Genting, going there was not a easy trip as we took Malaysia bus which 1 of my friends arranged.

Reached there @ about 4-5am in the morning, suddenly we remembered something about 1 of our friends who was able to c ‘thing’ so i suggest later when we got our rooms, we will get her to check every room, so we got our rooms @ about 9-10 plus, so we got 4 rooms, 2 in 1 room.

So we went room by room to check. The 1st 3 rooms was ok just never clean up(think people just checked out). by then we are going to the last room, i do my normal procedure when i am in a hotel (the normal practices) then while inside the room, i felt nothing weird but 1 of the friend said ok let go out and while on my way out , i heard friends asking question like is a male or female, is it a Chinese man or what..

@ that point of time, i realized something was wrong so i said ok come let go to the counter to change our room n don talk about anything there cos we are going to stay 1 more day. So we went to the counter and i saw my friend hand (the 1 who can c ‘thing’) was shaking and i tried to calm her down by rubbing her hand by using both of my hands, even we reached the counter her hand was still shaking badly and @ that point of time i asked her what happened.

My friend told me actually everything was fine when we will checking the room but then when she knock n open the toilet door, she saw a ‘lady’ hiding @ the corner of the toilet and the ‘lady’ was also shaking in the room, as if we had scared her, that’s why she called us to get out of the room 1st then we decided what to do, i know we MUST change the room as everyone knows about the ‘lady’ and no 1 going to stay so we change our room and just enjoy the day, no 1 said anything until we left that place.

Please noted that You must never said anything when u r there, wait until you left that place, you are ok to talk about it.

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