Hotel Incident In Taiwan

My cousin just came back from Taiwan not long ago, she and a group of 7 friends were staying over at Dah shin hotel where they were given rm 507 and 508 (4 per room) which 508 happens to be the last room. They did the normal practice where they knock the door before they went in..

Cousin and friends took rm 508, went in and while they were standing along the pathway towards the bed, they heard ‘ahem ahem ahem’, though they never said anything to each other, with the eyes acknowledgment, they knew something was wrong. They demand to change room which the reception insist that the room were full. She even mentioned that there’s a closet at the end of the room is locked…

(If its locked and can’t be use, the closet is there for?)

The 1st night for the other group was peaceful but the 2nd night was terrible to them. 2 of the girls heard someone calling their name just beside their ear, one was brushing her teeth and another bathing. In the middle of the night, 4 of them heard bell ringing… as if someone was in their room..

On the 3rd day, they couldn’t take it and insist for a change of room, this time round, they were successful and got a more beautiful and peaceful room…

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