Can Kids See

Do you believe that kids can see things? There had been many reported cases of kids seeing something that adults can’t see. Personally i have heard of one such incident amongst my relatives. When my cousin was little, she would be left alone in the house for morning as her parents need to work as they operate convenience store. So my aunt will return at around 11am to bring her lunch. What happened was on one occasion when my aunt returned home, she found her one side of her daughter’s eye brow had been trimmed. She ask who did it for you and she said her friends, and my aunt ask “WHO?” and she pointed at the window in her room, meaning her friend came from there.

Another story i heard from a close friend was that she had her 3rd eye opened when she was borned, as such, she was always telling her parents about “people in black and white shirts eating the food on the altar”. Her parents spent a lot of time with different priests to rid her of her 3rd eye eventually.

Normally it would be hard to imagine kids lying about such things because if they are a kid, how can they like about something that they have not heard? And some had attributed the reason of kids crying for no reason to them been able to see things they’re not suppose to see.

Some theories had it it is normal for kids between the ages of 1-3 can see because they are still connected with the spiritual realm, once they gets older, their focus would be on self and physical rather than spirituality and thus losing the connection. So if that is the case, is that the reason why we can’t remember anything between ages of 1-3?

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