Now being from the Philippines, we are, of course, Catholics and Catholics have a general belief in Heaven (where good people go, of course) Hell (which would be the exact opposite) and also not a lot of people know this but there is that concept (which I think is for all Christians) that souls don’t …

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Old And Haunted

Now living in California, I was from the Philippines. These are just some of the lesser supernatural things that happened during my early years in the Philippines. My family owned this really old house and like most old houses, this one was known to be haunted. I’ll number the experiences below: One night our housekeeper …

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Dangerous Games

I have not seen or encountered any ghosts or supernatural beings myself. Nonetheless, I am often a witness to other people’s experience with the paranormal. I could still remember that time when my schoolmates got themselves in trouble when they bravely taunted the supernatural beings. I was still studying in grade school then. It was …

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