CCK Experience

What I was about to tell you is base on my true experience. Last time I used to see “things” such as ghost. Maybe spirit(better word) but not anymore.

It all started after I watched movie with my sister at Lot 1 at about 11pm. As we were walking, my sister wanted to go to the toilet and decided to take a short cut on the way back to my aunty house. While walking, we start to sing happily but halfway when we was about to walk pass a car park(short cut way), I suddenly feel cold and my hair on my neck seems to be standing up. When that strange feeling came, I started to sing softer and softer. I was quiet a long time when I finally can’t bare any longer and ask my sister whether she feel the same way. She told me that she too felt as if someone was following us all along and we started to pray hard. My sister decided to wait a while under my aunty’s block just to let the “thing” gone.

As we were waiting, we pray and suddenly we heard a trolley coming out from the lift, without any longer, my sister quickly run into the next lift as it suddenly open and my sister really need to go to the toilet. When we reached at the 7th floor, my sister saw that my aunty’s door was open widely while she just dashed inside and went to the toilet leaving me behind as I walk abit slower. I was walking towards the door when I turn and saw a white figure trying to climb up the stairs and I straight away run inside.

I saw my aunty and asked her, who did not lock the door and she told me that it was my grandma. I told her everything and she asked me to close the door but I was scared. She told me that it was my grandma who push the trolley because she want to take old news paper to sell it. Thats not my first time saw “things” in CCK(my aunt place) but alot of times especially at the carpark when walking in the night and at the playground nearby.

By the way, thanks to god as I can’t see “things” anymore after drinking some prayed water.

So to readers who read this especially living at CCK, just be careful during the night as maybe it was near the CCK cemetery.

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