Kranji War Memorial (II)

Hello everyone… I am not sure if I should continue with my story… after the first one. After all, I am still trying to forget the incident. – Please refer to Kranji War Memorial (I)

Anyway, as not to disappoint you… I will tell you about the second incident that happened during my visit to the Memorial.

Only God knows why I went there again… But one thing for sure, the second time around, I brought my boyfriend, Ben, with me. We planned to take pictures for fun sake… and they were going to be in black and white… It would somehow make the pictures more gothic.

Upon reaching the gates of the Memorial, once again, I was overcame with fear. But I just continued because we had already wasted our money on the film. It was quiet as usual.. and the sky was grey. I showed him the places and the many sites that I had seen and the grave of the young Malay soldier… Nothing happened in the beginning but gradually it began to show.

While Ben and I were walking among the Christian graves, I went down a little further to take a picture of him. He made such a pretty picture among the tombstones, I didn’t want to miss this chance. So I called out to him to walk my way. But he didn’t respond. He kept walking and looking… I tried again… still no response. When he was just a few metres away from me, I called out loudly at him this time, and he was behaving like as though I wasn’t there… Like a person hypnotised! Fear grew in me that I kept calling and calling until finally, I went up to him and shook his arm. I asked him why he didn’t respond when I called and he said that he DID NOT HEAR a thing!!! I was shocked. How could it be?

We walked around as usual and took pictures of ourselves in the Memorial. We did not think there was any harm and the sky was getting to be very dark. And that’s when I saw it…

While I was trying to take a picture of him on one of the concrete monuments, I happened to turn around and there, I saw a figure of a young woman in white gliding past straight behind the small monument. Her hair was long and she acted like a little child who played hide-and-seek. My face turned completely white as I did not expect to see anything like that there.. but I saw her.

That very instant, I told my boyfriend that we should leave as I felt very uneasy..

We left.

When the pictures were developed, much to our horror, in one of the pictures, we saw what was believed to be a young Caucasian or Malay soldier resting on a tombstone, staring at us…

Dear Editor, I hope you enjoy your nite out there… I was told, it is even scarier still…

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