Kranji War Memorial

This incident happened NOT ONLY ONCE but twice during my short visits to the Memorial Park. I didn’t understand what got into me that I kept wanting to visit the Memorial. I guessed I had been influenced by “Saving Private Ryan” movie too much.

The first time that I went to the Memorial, from a distant I saw a policeman waiting by the gates and it was almost 6pm. We Muslims believed that that was NOT a good time to visit cemeteries, but I went anywhere. I went there alone with my only my EGO and so-called bravery as my companions. I knew it was CURIOUSITY that got the best of me. However, as I entered the Gates, there was not a single person found. The Memorial was very quiet and trust me, it IS a very peaceful place. The gentle breeze blew into your face and for a moment, I thought I had liked it there. SO I walked around and looked at each tombstones. Just knowing that they had died young made me shed a tear. Nothing happened of course and I really quite liked being alone.

Then it happened… As I was in the Muslim Graveyard Section, I swore there was a lady following me from behind. But she was nothing scary of that sort. From the corner of my eyes, she looked just like any other visitor to the Memorial. I thought some people came so I didn’t react or say anything. But as I turned around to look at her, I realised there was no one there and that I was still very much ALONE!! That was when I knew my stay was overdue and I had to leave. I started to feel very uneasy. So before I left, I decided to sit on one of the marble benched near the Memorial slabs for awhile.

This time, I could have sworn I felt ‘an unearthly presence’stood beside me and my hair stood on its end!!! I started to feel a little edgy, yet again I would not move.

It happened again… There was a loud THUD! sound coming from behind the Memorial slab, like someone stepped on the metal sewerage cover. The sound was so loud that I turned around to see what it was. BUT THERE WAS NO ONE THERE!! I thought it was probably the sound of the construction works nearby, BUT who was I kidding?! There wasn’t ANY construction works taking place.. And this time, it happened much LOUDER.

THUD! That was when I was sure it came from BEHIND ME and INSIDE the cemetery that my face turned white. All of a sudden, there was a voice that kept telling me to leave that very instant and so with only my two legs, I walked out as fast as I could. Not even turning around to see who could have been behind me.

When I had walked out of the gate, I still felt fear and I prayed to God that I would walk out of there safely. As I almost reached the bus-stop, I turned around for one last look and to my disbelief, I saw a VERY, TALL Caucasion priest looking at me. He was so tall that he was almost as tall as the gate itself. He had blonde hair and was wearing a blue robe with yellow sash around his neck. Shocked, I looked again and he was gone. There was neither nor priest nor any man that I had seen earlier loitering around that Memorial Park.

When I reached home, I was in a state of shock that it took me days to recover.

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