Chalet Story 2

It happens few years back. I was invited to my friend’s chalet to celebrate his birthday. Before i went there, i told my mum about going to the chalet the next day. She told me that the chalet was built on a mortuary during the British colony and its haunted. I didn’t believe her as i thought that she wanted to scare me so that i would’t go there.

I decided to stay at the chalet for few days so i start to pack all my things for the chalet. The next day i meet up with the rest of my friend at the 7 eleven to buy things. After we bought all the things for the chalet, we walked to the chalet to check in. As it was my fisrt time coming to the chalet as well as my frind, we were very impress to see that the chalet was very big. The only thing is the chalet is located far from other chalet and it was on top of the hill. We found the place quite eerie. The chalet consists of double deck and have four rooms. We were fighting for the room that afternoon as all of us are very excited. At the living room, there is tv, dining table, and sofa. They also provide us with Carrom board and seed.

The first day, there wasn’t many people as the party started only the next day. It was about nine that we finish our dinner. All together there were five of us in the chalet that night. After we finish our dinner, we decided to play Carrom. Since only four person can play the game, one of my friend decided to watch tv. Suddenly about eleven plus, its started raining heavily outside, follow by loud thunder and lightning. My friend whom was watching the tv join us as she say that she started to feel scared. So she lay down on the sofa that is put near us. Although in the afternnon all of us were querreling about the room but seem that night no one dare to go to the room on top alone to sleep. Suddenl, i feel a gust of wind blew past me and my hair started to stand. I jus kept quiet so that i will not alarm the other and worried or they will call me chicken.

We were happy playing with the game when suddenly i heard someone calling my name. I was stunt as i know there was no one else in the chalet. I kept quiet. A few minutes later, i heard again and this time, all four of us heard it. We look at each other. I decided to go to the main door and check if there is my friend whom came late at night. But to my surprised, there was no one at the door. So i join with the rest of my frind and we continue playing the game.

This time the voice getting nearer and all of us decided to stop the game. We look at my friend whom was sleeping on the sofa but seems she had fall asleep long ago. We decided to watch tv and stop playing the game. One of my friend need to answer to mother nature so he decided to go to the toilet. Few minutes later, we heard he shouting and scolding saying stop playing with the lights. The rest of us were very shocked as there was no one else and we confirm that none of us was playing with the lights. Later he join us with an angry expression on his face. He told us not to play with the tricks. All of us try to convince him but fail so we decided to keep quite.

Suddenly my friend whom was sleeping earlier on, on the sofa woke up. She say that she need to go to the toilet as the weather is very cold. We never told her about the earlier on incidents. Suddenly she ran towards us with a panicked face. We try to ask her what happen but she just kept breathing heavily and pointing to the toilet. We couldn’t understand what she trying to tell us. Later she cried, so we decided to check out the toilet. So all of us went to the toilet to our surprise all of us saw a lady in white was busy licking blood on a bloody sanitary pad that she even ignored our presence. All of us run out from the chalet like mad and decided to ovenight in the van.

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