Chiangmai Trip

The students of Bishan park sec were very excited about going to Thailand with their friends( no parents, yeah!!). But of course there were teachers and a guide. We firstly stayed at so called “chalet” but it was definitely a beautiful place with all the mountains. Anyway, everybody was too tired and excited to even think of spooky stuff. So the first nite was okay!

But the next day after doing so many activities, we rested and had a mini campfire. All of us were exchanging stories and suddenly our tour guide told us that the our dormitory’s toilet was haunted. He said that there was this student that had died of heart attack. The cause was not known. Everybody freaked out and after that everyone went to the toilet with a buddy. Two pals of mine entered the toilet with me. I finished brushing my teeth and I waited for the others to finish when I suddenly heard a heavy breathing. It was like someone had difficulty breathing!! And it came from the toilet opposite us. My frens didn’t hear so I told them to hurry. Only when I saw glimpse of sunlight that I told them what happened the day before. That was what I had experienced. But there was more to come.

We left there on the third day and stayed at some 4 star hotel. I had the same people bunk in with me(the ones who went to the loo with me). We did some rearranging of furniture before resting. We combined two beds because we were afraid to sleep alone. There were actually 3 beds so after joining the 1st 2 beds, in between those beds was a shelf to put our accessories and then there was the 3rd bed. The shelf was clean and there was not a single scratch. But on the last nite, my frens started whispering to themselves about numbers on the shelf. At that time I was packing my clothes at the cupboard. On hearing that I jumped on the bed and asked them what they were talking about. Too scared for words, they ignored me and continued their stuffs.

It was when I reached Singapore that they finally decided to tell me. That day when we were packing our stuffs, they saw a weird scratch mark on the shelf. It had the number 3010 on it. They didn’t saw it on the 1st day they were there. I sure know I didn’t see it either. I assumed another mate(we had another friend sharing the same room) did it but none of us were in the room alone long enough to make those maks. But I didn’t believe them. But to my horror when I got my photos after sending them for development, then I saw the marks on the shelf. I took photos in the hotel room you see. The marks were like someone or something had used their nails to scratch it. We tried asking our teachers but they too were stumped.

Weird rite but true….

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