Chempaka Kuning

This story happened to my dad in the 1980s. You see, my dad and my 2 uncles used to be fishing fanatics. They would go fishing whenever they are free.

On that fateful thursday, they went fishing at East Coast. They were fishing somewhere further than the Bedok Jetty. Then, there isn’t anybody fishing there as the place is always deserted and also it is a weekday. They started fishing at about 3pm. At 6pm, my father and 1 of my uncle cycled home(as they live in Bedok then)to collect food from my grandmother and leave 1 of my uncle alone to take care of the fishing rods. When they cameback at 8pm, they were surprised not to find my uncle there except for the fishing rods. They went on a frantic search to find my uncle. My father found my uncle hiding in a big blue container(the ones used by fisherman to keep fish) a few metres away. When my father pulled my uncle out, he was trembling. He told my dad that he saw chempaka kuning(its a type of ghost) and it was starring at him. My dad pulled my uncle back and they continued fishing.

When my dad cast his line, suddenly the sinker came flying back at my dad. He knew that it was the job of the chempaka kuning. My dad took a pebble, read some prayer and throw it into the sea. The pebble came flying back.

Suddenly, the chempaka kuning floated on the sea. It was horrible. Its bloodshot eyes starring back at my dad. Suddenly it came charging at my dad. My dad just stand still and started praying. He shouted to my uncles to close their eyes and just pray. When the chempaka reach the shore, it changed to a dog and started barking non stop. It wanted to charge my dad but as it came close, it just fell down as my dad was praying. It was a while before the chempaka kuning gave up and vanished into the dense vegetetion behind them.

My dad ask my uncles to pack up and leave the place quickly. Even though has got a lot of fishes, it is worthless to go fishing there. As they say, they’ll be back with a vengence.

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