Child Play

This story is told by my Grandmother’s friend who lives in Singapore, at Holland Rd(Not the Netherlands).Since i am staying in Singapore for a while, i better share this with you….

She is a very nice person and has been living in the same place for more than 40 years now. During her teenage (12-14 years old) times, she used to be very hyperactive and wild. She was the wildest girl in her neighbourhood. Even the guys look up on her! They love to play ‘catch’ around the neighbourhood but soon it started to be very boring to run around the same area. So… they switch to a more exciting place…. THE CEMETERY. It was located not far from the neighbourhood so they started to play ‘catch’ there.

In case you guys don’t know, we Muslim families’ one rule is – Go back before the sun sets. First reason why- it is because we have to get ready to pray at sunset.(Solat Magrib) Second reason why- that time we believe that it is not safe(from both the humans and non-humans)

Anyway, back to the story… They played ‘catch’ at the cemetery till dusk. It was so damn fun that they forgot bout the “rule”. Then, suddenly, the sky turns grey and lightning flashes. All of them were terrified of the loud thunder and lightning, so they suggested to ran back home. While running across the cemetery, my Grandmother tripped on a broken tombstone and fell. And she saw blood dripping on top. She thought her head was bleeding but when she touches her head, it was clean from blood. But when she looked up, she saw a woman hanging on a tree with blood dripping from her mouth and nose. She shouted and ran back as fast as she could, but that thing keeps tailing her whispering(in Malay),”U kill my baby… u kill my baby…” Ignoring her, she ran straight back home only to be scolded by her parents. She had nightmares and swore not to play at the Cemetery anymore.

Years passed, and soon she gets married… She completely forgot about the ‘incident’ and move on with life.. Never did she realise that the ‘thing’ has an unfininshed business with her. When she was giving birth for the first time.. she began to feel it. The atmosphere was so different. She was labouring a pair of twins and during the first time, baby cries were heard but only blood gushes out… she thought its normal labour transaction (darah nifas) but her stomach is smaller now.. During her second time……….. again blood comes out.. and miraculuosly, she never felt any pain. Then she heard something in the back of her mind,”U kill my Baby..u Kill my Baby..” Only then she knows, that she won’t be disturbed anymore..but she gave them names because they were her children too.. HASAN and HARUN.

She delivered her following children successfully. She has 7 children and 14 grandchildren… but its not over yet….

One day, she was walking home from work from a nearby MRT station. She has to pass the similar cemetery for short cut. Now the cemetery has already been renovated and lit up and futhermore, a lot of people is working at a nearby factory so its not as scary. As i was saying, she was walking home pass the cemetery at around and she saw two little kids playing catching. She told herself that the two kids looked very familiar. So familiar that she stopped and just look at them. She thought,”Maybe it’s the neighbour’s kids or grandchildren.” She approched them and said,”Nak(whick means child in Malay), it’s already sunset and you ought to be staying at home this time. Later momok(ghost) come.” And she gave them a smile. The little kids answered,” Nek,(granny)we are at home already. Don’t worry.” Thinking that the kids were making a joke she laughed. She told them for the last time before she made her move,”Don’t go back too late okay? You better go home now.” The children heed her advise and to her surprise, they head to a nearby Tombstone. Then she heard someone calling,”Hasan..Harun…”

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