It’s Mine

This encounter happened to my dad. When he was a young boy, he likes to go round his kampong with his friends, looking for adventures. One day, they were playing by the sea when my dad came across a very grand looking handle on the beach. He took it home with him and fixed it on his bedroom window, throwing away the old one.

That night, while he was sleeping, he heard a knocking at his window. He lives in a kampong house, so the window was made entirely out of wood. Thinking it was his friend or his family member, he opened the window and looked out. Seeing that there was no one outside, he closed the window. Immediately the knocking sounded again. My dad opened the window and again, no one was in sight. It happened a couple of times and finally my dad decided to ignore it because he was too tired. He did not think much of it the next morning, until that night, when he felt like the whole window was going to break. Someone or something was banging on the window so hard that the whole family came into his room to see what was happening. The window was shaking so violently like someone was desperate to get in. My grandfather sensed that its probably not someone but “something” so he told them not to open it. That night the whole house was kept awake by the banging on the window in my father’s room.

The next day, a neighbour was asked to help them “see” the cause of the disturbance. They found out it was because of the handle that my dad brought home. Apparently it was one of the handle of a coffin. The “owner” of the coffin was angry because my dad had taken something which belonged to it. My dad was told to remove the handle and send it back where he found it…on the beach. The disturbance stopped and since then, my dad has never brought back anything he found and has forbidden us to do so.

So, the next time if you found something nice and decide to bring it home, be careful cuz the owner might just decide to get it back from you.

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