To Trust

I was just returning home and notice that my watch was stating that it was past midnight. I was a little drunk for i was just returning from a celebration party held for me by my friends. I had just won the case of a murderer. I was suppose to help the Tylor, the person who has been accused of murdering his own wife so that he could inherit his wife policy. I was proud of course. All this joy was all thanks to me.

Thinking of my proud day at work, i past by a small bench which is located at the void deck in front of my block. I then notice a beautiful young lady sitting there solemnly. Being concerned i spoke up,”A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS”. She looked at me with a surprised face. I was shocked,”OH MY LORD! YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?” “OH! I WAS JUST TAKING A BREATHER”. She told me about her life. Her husband has left her and that all her money is all gone. I had a feeling that she was talking about my case earlier but it doesnt really bothers me cause she doesn’t know anything. She did not attend the court verdict did she? As i glance at my watch for the 8th time, she stop her long-winded story telling stuff. She gave me a good last words, “I REALLY HOPE YOU WILL RECONSIDER ABOUT TYLOR WINNING THE CASE”. Well it actually stung me but as i turn around, i realise that she was gone. She was gone without goodbyes but with words that stung me and that i can’t make do with.

That night, i dreamt of the same lady. Why is she disturbing me? What does she wants from me? Why did she chose me? In my dreams she said that it was Tylor who had killed her. Tylor wants all her money and for Tylor getting the good name is not a good idea. She wants justice. She knew very well that words can’t be used in court but evidence can. She asked me to go to her house and look beneath her bed. There is where the evidence is located.

I woke up in a cold sweat. I don’t know if i could believe her or even my dreams but i am giving it a try. I brought along the police squad, just in case and ordered them to search the house especially the bedroom. After a few hours, “MA’AM, WE FOUND SOMETHING”. Just as i expected. “WE FOUND A BLOODY KNIFE AND A DEAD BODY” “THIS KNIFE WAS FOUND BENEATH THE BED WITH THIS BLOODY BODY BESIDE IT”. As i turn the body around, sure enough it was Tylor. I was glad that she has taken what belongs to her and that she is satisfied.

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