Creepy Sembawang Park

This incident happened in 1984 and I had just got married to a guy who was staying in Jalan Inggu (opposite Sembawang Park). There was a Malay wedding that night and I was visiting my in-laws who happened to be the cook at the wedding. As I was relatively new to the area, I suggested to my husband that we explore the Sembawang Park ( at 12 midnight? I must be crazy!)

Well, crazy as it was, we finally made our way there, treading on the long winding road towards the highest area where we could have a good look at those people working on the Sembawang wharves. Tired, we sat on one of the empty benches and then did I realise how quiet and eerie the whole place was. There were empty colonial bungalows and tall trees standing with the howlings of dogs (although I could not see any dog anywhere). I finally decided to get home as soon as possible.

While walking home, I realised that there were tall ‘cempaka” trees lining on each side of the track with their strong scented flowers scattered everywhere. Both of us were unusually quiet. Then suddenly, it started. I heard a clanking sound, as if someone or something were dragging metal chains right behind me, following every steps I made. I figured it could not be any one of those howling dogs as they would definitely be barking. So, I decided to just muttered some prayers and held on tight to my husband. I did not even dare to turn back or say anything to my husband.

At last, we reached the main road and saw there was a group of bikers nearby. The moment we stepped on the road, both of us gave a sigh of relief. After I felt safe enough, I asked my husband about the mysterious sound I heard and to my surprise, he claimed he did not hear anything except those barking dogs. He also claimed that he saw shadows lurking behind the trees while we were sitting on the bench. Although he had been staying there all his lives he never realised how creepy that place was until then.

Well you people, why not check this place out and find out what really was out there!

P.S. Recently, my son saw what he claimed as a pontianak standing on the kenanga tree which stood next to the phone booth near the seaside while his friend was talking on the phone! He described it as tall with long hair, wearing all white with both hands on the hips, looking down towards him but he could not see its features clearly.

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