Creepy Thailand Hotel

In 2011, around May, I went on a Solo trip to Bangkok, Thailand. I checked into a hotel apartment near the river.

The apartment looked new and comfortable. With a huge bed, clean toilet, microwave oven, fridge, tv and wifi and some free goodies. I settled in immediately.

For the first 2 nights, nothing strange happened. But on the 3rd night, I had the air conditioning on, tv on for some noise while I was using my laptop in bed chatting away with my friends and former boss, I heard a faint noise coming from the balcony. It sounded like someone was breathing, gasping for air would be a better description. Now, the balcony is located on my right hand side and the entrance to my room is on the left. Opposite to each other.

The balcony light was on and the curtain was also drawn. If there was something, I suppose I would be able to see as the light would cast a shadow. However, I didn’t see anything. So I ignored and continued on chatting online. But the noise kept coming. Thinking maybe I was imagining things I continued to ignored. But after 10 minutes, the same breathing sound still persisted. So this time, I muted the tv, turned off the air conditioning and listened intently. . It was still there! so I thought ok, time to sleep. I left the balcony lights on and turned off the light in my room and had the blanket over my head.

I was abit freaked out and because I am a christian, I prayed loudly for god’s protection and for it to leave me alone. After 10 minutes, the same noise i heard, disappeared. Ok I took a deep breath and thought maybe It was nothing. And tried to sleep.

As I was falling asleep, the same breathing sound i heard outside the balcony awhile back reappeared again! and this time, outside the entrance to my apartment! it was going up and down the empty corridor. I could hear it very clearly and loudly. Now, as i explained before, the balcony and entrance are located opposite from each other. So how did it get from the balcony to the other side?? This time it was much louder and I could hear very clearly someone gasping for air and the sound traveled up and down the corridor the whole night and achoed. At one point, I was so upset with it, I decided to get up, turned on the lights in my room and walked right up to the spy hole on the door and peeked outside into the corridor. But it was still there!! And i saw nothing. Thing is, on that floor alone, there was only me and another male occupant and the apartments can only be accessed via a key. So it is indeed impossible for any outsiders to enter unless if they have the access key.

Knowing something wasn’t right, I went back to bed, turned off the lights and tried to sleep. My heart was pounding but I didn’t want to make myself seemed weak so I tried not to be scared and pretended nothing happened. However, on the outside, in the corridor, this thing was up all night, breathing loudly and moving up and down the long stretch of corridor till 4am! yes I was up the whole night listening to it while at the same time waiting on daylight. Exactly 4am, I started to hear chickens. This was when, it started to go away. I heard it moving along the corridor and slowly faded away at the other end of the corridor. But the strange thing was, this time, I also heard trinkle of chains dragging along the floor as if it was tied up with chains.

I didn’t check out the next day as I have paid the entire 7 days rental so i decided to stay. However, for the next few nights, it didn’t revisit me at all. I have had some strange experiences and have seen things before but this was by far the worst.

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