My Strange Experiences

I was told that if I smelt something at night – be it pleasant or otherwise, I have to pretend I did not notice. I grew up with a superstitious family – my Godfather’s peranakan family – and they have reasons to be so. His mother is a black magician.

I was told that if the smell is bad, the body is just started to decay.

If it smells like bunga raya(frangipani), it has been dead for a long time.

Personally, I have only seen white and black figures. In Rasa Sentosa, my wife and I heard something pulling chains along the ceiling once we lie down to rest.

In Grand Diamond, Thailand, I experienced something that played with the lights. I had to wake up to switch off the lights. Then moments later, another light will be switched on etc. I already suspected something is not right when my wife was pushed down as she leaned forward to throw something into the dustbin from the bed. But as my MIL and kids were in the other room, I did not bother changing rooms. I put up with the lights thing every night. I did not like the toilet either. I had to bathe quickly because I felt uncomfortable inside. Only blessing is that I did not get to see it.

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