Hotel Of Fright

Hi everyone, after reading the countless entries on this site, I’ve finally decided to share my encounters in Bangkok, which occurred back in 2010 in Bangkok.

My family visited Bangkok during the weekend just before the September holiday was due to start and our accommodation was the Ten Star Inn. Our rooms were located on the third storey, with a view of the main street just below. My brother and I shared the same room, which had two single beds. Upon entering the room after checking into the hotel at around 10 am, we felt a sudden draught sweep across our faces. However, we just brushed that aside, thinking that the previous occupant might have left just recently and it was what’s left of the cold air from the air-conditioner. The room was tastefully furnished, with the necessary amenities. As I was about to open the drawer between the beds( being the quintessential kaypoh), I found a small ‘phanyant’ attached to the upper deck of the cabinet. I felt strange that this would this be placed in a hotel room, but didn’t think much of it.After touring the city and finishing our dinner, we returned to the hotel to rest for the night. After walking into our room, my brother and I felt extremely chilly, although we had switched off the air-conditioner while we were out, but we attributed this to the afternoon downpour.

Since both of us were still not yet prepared to sleep as of yet, we watched the local soap operas and news on the television. It was about 9 pm. Just then , we heard two distinct knocks on the door. Thinking it was our sister or parents, I opened it, only to find nobody there. Odd, I thought, and informed my brother of my discovery, but he told me that it might have been sounds emanating from other occupied rooms which we had misinterpreted. No sooner had he finished his sentence, did the two of us hear another couple of knocks, albeit sounding louder and more furious than the previous two.

This time, it was coming from our bathroom. We looked at each other. We were the only two occupants of that particular room and were standing right next to each other in the bedroom, so how could there possibly be strange sounds coming from the empty toilet? Hurriedly, my brother ran to take a look at the bathroom, with me closely behind, to check for burglars or any other objects which could have produced the noise. As expected, everything was in their original place with not a single soul to be found, so he quickly slammed the door shut, and we leapt into bed after turning off the television.

During the night, my brother and I woke up a number of times, both feeling as though someone, or something was stroking the soles of our feet, but we couldn’t spot the culprit, despite the fact that we have left the light in the walkway lited. Already spooked by the sounds from the toilet, we took out our amulets( I wore a Phra Mae Thorani while my brother wore a Phra Kring), recited some sutras, and fortunately, the annoying entity did not pay us a visit again. Thinking that the ‘thing’ had finally left us for good, we let our guards down, not knowing the shape of things to come…

The next day, although we yearned to share our experiences with the rest of our family, we ultimately decided not to for fear of frightening them and turning the incident into a wet blanket which would ruin the rest of  our stay in Bangkok. However, during our daytime tour around the city, my brother accidentally sprained his ankle while walking down a flight of stairs when we were exiting a temple( although I doubt this had anything to do with the hotel spirit- he was talking to me at the time and had probably not looked at his steps), so my brother had to swap his bed for my sister’s so he could sleep in our parents’ room( which had two queen-sized beds) that night. Since my sister was pooped from the day’s walking, she fell into a deep slumber on her bed almost immediately after showering. Of course, as I was still rather invigorated despite the day’s events, as usual, I made the decision to stay up and play some rounds of Battlefield on my laptop before going to sleep.

As I was into my second round, I heard some gasps from my sister. Thinking that she was just having a dream of some sort, I ignored them, but my sister continued with her gasps and later, groans, so I climbed out of my chair to ask her if she was okay. By this time she was started to thrash and squirm about on her bed and it was then when I felt something was terribly amiss. I shook her several times but she did not wake up from her apparent trance; in fact, her actions just became worse and her head was snapping from side to side while her body was raising and subsequently slamming back into the bad with such force that the bed squeaked really loud and I could actually feel the floor vibrate. She also appeared to be screaming silently, opening her mouth wide and yet no sound came out( now, my sister is of the rather slim and lightweight type, who could not have came crashing onto the bed so violently). Feeling extremely scared, I ran to my parents and quickly told them of the disturbances in my room.

Without sparing another second, the three of us returned to my room where my sister was still quaking and contorting about on her bed. My father quickly took out his own amulet and placed it against my sister’s forehead before chanting some of the sutras he has memorized. My sister twisted for one last time( I felt as if we were in an Exorcist movie) before slumping back into her bed. My dad then quickly brought her into the bathroom and splashed some cold water on her face in an attempt to revive her. She did wake up this time, and although she was breathing a little erratically, started crying and hugging my dad. He then took her into my parents room, where after some comforting and cajoling, my sister told us her horrifying story:

Shortly after falling asleep, she suddenly woke up with a start and saw a foul-smelling dark shadow with crimson eyes and a pair of cruel looking claws at the foot of her bed. It then climbed onto her bed and then tried to kiss her with its forked tongue, so she gave it a huge slap across the face, and this obviously enraged it. It then ripped off her tank top and shorts, and then proceeded to pull off her bra and pantyhose, before roughly groping her breasts, stomach and private parts and raping her. It felt very painful for her and she could feel her vitality being drained by this ‘thing’, and no matter how hard she tried to struggle, she could not get the demon off her( she also mentioned that when she hit it across the back, her hand became coated with a layer of black, smelly goo). All the while, it was mouthing its lewd thought about her, but it then disappeared into thin air( which likely was due to my father’s prayers).

My family became extremely appalled and concerned by what she said, and my father insisted on changing the hotel, although my mother told him it was pointless since it was the holiday season and it was already midnight. As such, we fetched me and my brother’s belonging and brought them into my parents’ room, where we pretty much stayed awake for the entire night. Needless to say, we checked out the following morning and when we related our horrific experiences to the receptionist, we were greeted by surprised expressions. Apparently, ghostly happenings were frequent in this hotel but this was the first time a sexual attack by a spirit actually occurred. Nonetheless, they proffered to refund us our money and we gladly accepted it. We felt that teacher hotel cannot be held responsible for this.

Over the next few days, my family brought my sister to several temples throughout the city, trying to understand what exactly had happened, or rather, why that ‘thing’ chose to attack her. Finally, we chanced upon this old ‘luang phor'( head priest), who explained to us that it was a demonic entity which had raped my poor sister and that it targeted her as her much was low and she seemed vulnerable since she was exhausted. He then reassured us that although the attack was savage and traumatizing, she had not been harmed physically and could bring things back to normal by blessing her. He also gave her a small talisman to ward off Amy further attacks.

My sister has since left the incident behind and is fine as of today, although I do not for a single moment doubt that she has completely forgotten about that fateful night in Bangkok…

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