Dirty Tampines Road

Whenever I take taxi, I will chat with the uncles and ask them about spooky incidents. And you know what? A lot of taxi driver told me that the road at old Tampines road is very dirty. There used to be lot of fatal accidents there so now, there are many temples there so no more fatal accidents. But the things that died there are still in the old place and the one taxi uncle said that he had seen them before! Anyway if you’re taking taxi better ask the uncle don’t go pass that route especially at night!

One of my ex-colleagues once told me she used to live near a cemetery near Choa Chu Kang when she was young. One day, she saw a figure sleeping next to her on her bed and knew it was that thing so she tried to move but the thing also shifted too. In the end, she ran off from her room to join her sister. It is really creepy when my friend told me this story, luckily they had since shifted house. I heard in a show that the furniture placing in your house is very important for eg, if u placed a mirror in your living room in the wrong place, you can attracted unwanted things to come into your house. Also your cooking area cannot faced your toilet according to a show in channel 5.

One of my cousins become very uneasy and cannot sleep in her new house. After asking some temple people, the people told her that her house is too dark and it is true as all her furniture are black. I am not sure what happened in the end but i think my cousin did changed her furniture to other color and things got better. That is also the reason why when you moved into a new house, you must first burn some offering and burn incense to the house before u can start renovation so that you can appease the spirits who lived there while the construction work was going on. As you know those area are pitch dark at night so it’s the best place for these floating spirits to rest at night.

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