Don’t Regret It

To me, having to urine in my school skirt is not going to happen. My friends and i encountered a terrible experience which completely change my mind.

School was functioning as per normal. My best friend, A, has been quiet for the whole day. After much persuasion from me, she finally spoke up or instead she broke up. She told me about her visit with her other girl friends to “OLD CHANGI HOSPITAL”. It was an old hospital that has been abandoned for so many years. She told me that she does not want to enter that horrid place again. I ask her why but she continue giving me the same answer. I then decided to ask my other girl friends to bring me to the place where they had been the other day as they are going there again that day. Of course i was not prepared for anything. I remembered, there were 16 of us. We were walking in pairs. My friend, A, did not come along as i dun want any thing to happen to her again. So i paired up with, L.

Once i entered the gate, i felt the creeps but i didn’t show it. We pass by the ground mortuary. It was wet, old and not to forget, it stinks. We are not allowed to enter that hospital without a valid reason and permission from the undertaker. The desk of undertaker is located in the middle of the hospital. When the undertaker saw us, he gave us a glaring. He may have tot that we are up to no good because we are in a group of guys and gals.

“WHAT ARE YOU HERE FOR?” he asked sternly. “WE ARE HEAR TO DO PROJECT SIR” one of the guys replied. “YOU MAY ENTER BUT PLZ DUN BREAK ANYTHING OR ELSE THEY MAY GET ANGRY”. Of course we are puzzled to hear his words but it doesn’t bother us much. We enter the hospital by the back. There is this laundry room where it VERY wet. We began exploring the building. I and my partner came across a room. We never realize that was an operation room until we are in the middle of the room ALONE. No other guys and no other gals. I then caught a glimpse of a young girl weeping at a corner of the room. She was calling out to someone to rescue her from something. I could not hear her words clearly but i think this is how it goes.”TAK NAK….IBU……..JANNGAN IBU..ADEK TAK NAK MATI IBU..”. It was saying that it does not want to do it and she doesn’t want to die. All this was said from her to her mother. I step forward and reach for her small palm. Every step i move towards her, i found myself secured, being protected for once. L keeps on saying, “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? LETS GET OUT OF HERE!”. I didn’t reply. The nearer i get to that little girl, the more i feel secured, the more i feel sleepy and the more i felt dreamy.

Out of the blue, the girl ran up to me and hug me as if in am her long lost sister. I was shock by her behaviour. She then told me that she was forced to go for the appendics transplant by her step-mum. Her step-mother knew that there was nothing wrong with her but insisted on undergoing the surgery. Her step-mother wants to inherit her insurance money and wants her to be killed desperately. She begged me to believe her and of course i belive her. It happen right infront of my eyes and not to forget my friend L. The little girl then turn around and make her way back to the corner where i saw her before. She gave me and L, a satisfied smile and crouch and dissapeared. We both went home with a mixture feeling. We felt happy that the little girl was satisfied and not to forget scared coz we spoke to a spirit.

The next day in school, A, ask me if i had seen any little girl in the operating theater. I juz told her that the little girl is happy now. And that she juz need someone kind enough to play wif her and listen to her. Whatever she tells you, plz believe it cause you don’t know whats going to happen to you if you doubt her. As for her step-mum, she was burried alive. YES! U got it right. She was buried by that small little girl herself. If you wish to see her, do visit that little room and do stare at every corner of the room for that little girl.

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