East Coast

Our class organized a barbecue over at East Coast on the 18th of September, that was during our term break. We did a lot of preparations specially for the occasion.

Some of us do overnight(including me), but some decided to go home. I was with my bunch of guy friends playing cards while we share spooky stories among ourselves. It was around 4 in the morning.

U see, over at East Coast, there are several huts or shall i say, more like shelters near our pit. Initially, we gathered near the sea on the grass patch coz we thought we wanted the open air and at the same time enjoy the wind.

We sat in one circle as we played our card game. Since no one in the group has ever encountered anything spooky, we were kind of making fun of pontianaks and stuff, saying pontianaks never exist and that only fools believe in those.

As we were laughing our stomachs out, three of us( who were facing the sea and this very big tree) saw a white cloth passed by the tree. We were suddenly quiet… our hearts started beating very fast…I tried not to think about it, fearing that its just my imagination. I turned to look at my other two friends to see they were so pale that they could cry any moment.

“Hey relax, its nothing,” thats all i can say. Then we saw it again only this time its nearer to us. Finally i told my friends to get into the hut. ” What’s wrong, man?” the other two friends of mine who were not facing the tree and know nothing about the cloth stuff asked. There was silence.

As we were sitting trying to figure out what just happened, a lady in white, with long, straight hair to her waist, walked towards the tree near our pit. We were’nt suspecting anything until the lady suddenly vanished as she neared the tree. By this time, we were so terrified that we wanted to make our way to the bench 10m away where the rest of our classmates are sleeping.

This is when we heard a soft dripping sound… It seemed to be coming from the tree… We looked towards the tree and to our ultimate horror, there was a reddish liquid seemed to be flowing from the top of the tree. We looked up…………………………….

The same lady was there, holding her head which seemed to be disconnected from her body. Blood was dripping from her neck and her white dress was drenched with the blood…

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