Sungei Puaka

It was a Friday morning, my friends and i decided to go to Pulau Ubin on our next camping trip so as to advanture in the rural side of Singapore.

Upon reaching at Changi Jetty, we were very happy as all of the malay boys in my class have stick to their promises. Even Zul whom usually said MALAS(lazy)when ever we asked him out. In 10 mintues, we have reached the island itself but some how it is more deserted now as many of its villagers have moved to Singapore. We reported at the police post so if anything happen, they would know where we are.

We took a hike to Noordin beach, we set up but when we were looking for fire wood, we saw a tree with a nail, nailed into it. As we are not a believer in ghost, we just continue to have fun. But after our games, as our meal and as we saw the sun set, the beach were very humid as there is no wind blowing. We decided to pack our things up and and head for somewhere so called more happening and cooling. We move up to Sungei Puaka and that’s when everything took a plunge to the unexplainable side.

As we all were lazy, we decided to sleep around the camp fire in our sleeping bags and tell tall tales about the island(in order to scared Zul). As Fred started his story on the tree with the nail and as he mentioned the word CIk KAK a (short term for Pontianak), wind started to blow furiously but to us it was cooling. Then Zul sighted a duck flying backwards and he make fun of it said it was doing the back stroke. He managed to make the others laugh but not Fred. He kept quiet and we teased him to said he was scared but instead he told us to kept quiet.

Then we heard a laugh so eriee and loud, then Fred pointed out to a tall tower and in the 3/4 part of its height, we saw a figure stroking its hair. Slowly every one started to say their prayer but instead of praying, Zul were shouting that he wanted to go home but we can’t. How are we going to get our way out from a dark forest. We soon slept next to each other and Zul started to be quiet but as we turn to him, he was standing and giving out a grin that was unbelieveblely big. We knew what has hit us. Andy, Ahmad, Sufi and Azhar tried to hold him down but his strenght was incredible. Fred on the other hand is taking his AIR SEMBAHYANG (pre prayer Cleansing) and started to take out what was as kain batik which he said was pass from a generation to another in his family. He started to chant something and he was playing with the possessed Zul using the Kain batik like a Matador to a bull. After his chant and giving Zul a soft whip with his Kain, we NEVER BELIEVE WHAT WE SAW. ZUL WAS FLUNK 10 METERS AWAY FROM WHERE Fred was standing and as Zul revive, he was weak and not remember anything.

We slept with less disturbance that night and as morning came, we took the afternoon ferry home and believe that we never return to SUNGEI PUAKA…….

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