The Night In Teban

This happens few months ago in Teban. It happens at in between block 35 and 36. I was staying overnight with some of my friend at the playground in between the blocks. It was around 4am in the morning. Well it was quite quiet at that time. But there are people around as it was a saturday night. Some people stay up late.

There was 6 of us. Me, my husband and 4 of my guy friens. My husband was too sleepy on that night. So he decided to take a nap at the playground with one of my friend, J. I and 3 of my friends decided to stay up and talk all night.

As we were busy chatting and laughing, I was too excited with their jokes and laugh so loudly as what in malay say(mengilai). But as I was laughing, there was a loud sound of laughing behind us. We was shocked to death. As for me, I tried to calm myself down as I know that laugh seem weird. It sounds like a duck. But seems like a terror laugh. It could have been pontianak. There was once, my friend told me, he stayed on the top floor of block 36.

One night his mum was drying laundry outside the house. His mum was shocked to see someone in white sitting on the bamboo. So next time, if you are coming to Teban, watch out for all this cause it happens to me before, who know it could happen to you too.

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