Revenge Of Pontianak

Hi, i’am back again with stories which i believed most of you have read and encountered personally with PONTIANAK. Here i’am going to share my experience which make all of u think twice before boosting yourself for not believed in the existence of the PONTIANAK..

It happened few years back when my father still alive. Since i was born in a village so called kampong ayer gemuroh, most the villagers respected my father for being so helpful to them who required his assistant to get rid of any spirits or spooky things disturbing their families, especially the PONTIANAK.. My father had never claimed himself as a bomoh (malay medicine man) or even charge payment for his service.

One night when we had finished our dinner, someone came to get help from my father to take a look of her neighbour’s daughter who was pregnant having problem to deliver her baby. Without hesitation, my father agreed to help, i voluntarily follow my father to the place which we was later brought there by the man who came earlier.

On arrival, i could hardly saw that the house was full with the family member and some outsiders loitering around the varandah. It was cold and quiet night with the full moon shining onto the ground. My father then asked permission from the parents to take a look of their daughter who was in labour pain. Looking at my father face, i noticed that something was not right, even the family had called the midwife and a `bomoh’ to help nothing could help the poor lady. Shouting in pain and eerie laughing outside the house, the lady who carried big belly with her trying to get away from the bed and wanted to go out from the house screaming very weird. I then saw my father mumbling something at the girl and stopped her from going out the house.

Out of sudden the girl fainted after looking at my father’s face. Quickly my father get a glass of water and started to wipe on the girl face. Soon after that the girl woke up and started to ask her parents what had happened to her earlier. After explaining the situation to the parents, my father and i immediately left the house. I was wondering as why when we stepped out from the house none of the family members wish to thanks my father for his service and not even send us home as earlier they pick us there. I then brave myself to ask my father why they did this to him, my father smile and replied that they actually came from a rich family as for us was only ordinary family. I knew that my father would not be offended with their action as he rendered his help to those who needs.

On the way back home, walking through the thick bushes and big trees without street light, i could hear some voices mumbling directed to my father. I could see that my father kept on smiling and heard him saying `perempuan mengandung itu bukan saudara mara aku’ ( the pregnant lady was not my relatives) Soon after that, i heard errie laughing coming from the bushes near me. Finally, when i reached home, my father told me that most likely the pregnant lady would be in problem and likely the baby would be taken away by the PONTIANAK. At first, i did not understand what my father trying to say but after considering it, i knew that the family whom my father helped did not appreciate the help.

True enough, the next day, i heard from my neighbour that the pregnant lady had problem with her labour, resulted to her death carrying her unborn baby. I did not question much about the situation from my father but i guessed this was part the revenge of the PONTIANAK……..

(i believed those who read this story might be wondering who was my father is… he is one of the man who always wondering around helping people until he died) May Allah bless him….AMINnnnn.

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