Encounter With Pontianak

Never in my life I would one day encounter the thing that one would described as lady in white or according to the malay’s as Pontianak. I was 16 years at that time when this true encounter happens. According to the malays, one would be able to see Pontianak only on thursday or friday night. But this encounter happens to me on saturday night at 8:30pm.

Opposite to my house is my school which is Yishun Secondary School. I was living on the 2nd floor and I could see clearly the sky. My mom and I was watching tv at that time when suddenly my mom called out to me and ask me to take a look at the sky. She asked me whether it is an aeroplane or what else. I can’t see clearly, but I noticed there was a white figure on the sky and then I realised that is the Pontianak. She was flying in the standing manner with arms wide open, and I can see clearly the Pontianak’s hair. It was long that it touches her feet. Her dress is not pure white but it is tranparents.

She was flying swiftly and gently heading downwards the rooftop of the school when I said,”Mom look, she is landing on the rooftop!” she suddenly flew back upwards on the spot. Maybe she knows that someone was looking at her and said something about her. Instead of landing on the rooftop, she continued flying towards Khatib Camp. I noticed that when she’s making a turn, she moved the whole body and not only the head. That’s when my mom asked me to switch on all the lights in my house because she wanted to go downstairs and to take a look whether the lady in white is lingering around our HDB block. According to my mom, she flew past and disappeared in the dark sky. What amazed me is that, there are still alot of people walking during the time I encounter but they seemed not to notice anything unusual.

I went back to school on monday and told my classmate what I saw, but my classmate told my teacher about my encounter. Being a stunch Muslim, he refused to except my story and said that I am crazy to be believing in such a story. I felt embarrased because he said that to me infront of the whole class. But the truth is always the truth and nobody can change the fact. I hope that this encounter will happen to my teacher and make him believe that ghost do exist. Till this day, even it happened many years ago, I felt like yesterday. To me, I hope I will not encounter this lady in white again.

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